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Pay Attention.

You are my King and my God who decrees victories for Jacob.

Psalms 44:4

            I mentioned in the last blog how our Lord desires to communicate with us daily.  He provides many opportunities for us to hear from Him.  We miss out on these opportunities when we are not paying attention.  It is easy to get distracted by life's daily activities along with Facebook, tv, texting etc.  When we really focus our attention in everything we do on what the Lord is trying to say to us, we will have so much more insight into what he is doing in our lives and our family's lives.

            The verse written above is an example of how the Lord used a scripture written in the Psalms to encourage my heart and give me peace regarding my son Jacob.  When he was around 7 years of age, he had to have surgery.  While I was sitting in the waiting room, I was praying and reading the bible when this verse leapt off the page at me.  It was as if God was speaking directly to me to tell me that He was in charge of that surgery and Jacob's surgery would most definitely be successful.  Now, I know that verse written by David was not intended to mean my son Jacob, but the Lord gave it to me personally as a word from Him that comforted my heart and assured me that Jacob would be just fine.

            Not only will He use scripture but everyday situations to quietly speak to your heart.  Another example of this happened to me just the other day.  I was really discouraged at work about what a couple of my co-workers had said to me.  As a woman, this is hard to let go.  You think about it over and over in your mind and sometimes it is difficult to get peace.  As I was sitting at my desk, one of the orthotists stopped in to drop off some braces.  He began to talk with me as he usually does.  We have had numerous conversations about how I coach and how we both have received inspiration from Coach John Wooden.  He spoke that day about how sports can play a big role in teaching children many life lessons.  He listed all the things and then went on to say that "wow, Lori look at all the things that you are teaching the kids.  You really have an impact on them as a coach."  I was so touched by what he said and my spirits were lifted.  As he left and I returned to my work I realized that the Lord had sent him to me to give me encouragement and I finally found peace.  I was so thankful.

            I encourage you today to seek the Lord in every situation.  Keep your eyes on what he might be telling you minute by minute.  Listen for his voice.  Watch for what people he may send into your path at just the right minute.