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A Mother's Heart

Philippians 4:6-7Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

            As mothers, God instills in us a desire for our children to succeed.  We want them to love and serve God.  Our heavenly Father knows our heart and will use various means to communicate to us about the concerns we have regarding our children.  I was concerned about some rebellion I was seeing in my son Jacob.  I took this concern to the Lord and he answered me initially in a dream. 

            I have started to write down my dreams as I have learned that our Father wants to communicate with us daily, even minute by minute.  So even while we are sleeping, he will use that opportunity to speak to us.  I wrote down the dream and I knew almost instantly that the Lord was showing me that this rebellion that I was seeing would be gone.  I had such a peace knowing that the Lord knew my heart, heard my prayer and gave me an answer.

            The Lord also used a situation in my home to speak to me about Jacob.  A snake had somehow gotten into our basement while my husband and I were not home.  We were at a baseball game for Michael, my third son.  My other 3 children were home.  Well, Jacob saw the snake in the basement while he was playing the Xbox with his cousin, who is his best friend.  My oldest son, Jonah, was in bed because he was not feeling good so he could not help in the situation even though my daughter came running into his room to tell him there was a snake in the basement.  My nephew, Jonathan, spoke to Jacob through the Xbox and told him he had to get it out of the house.  So, Jacob put on some gloves and picked that snake up and carried it outside and threw it in the yard.  The Lord showed me through this situation a couple things.  First, that Jacob when confronted with the enemy, would triumph over him.  Secondly, that Jonathan would be a source of encouragement and truth for Jacob.  Thirdly, that when necessary Jacob would step into a leadership role.  It took me a while to get this message as I was pretty freaked out about having a snake in the basement, but once I grasped what God was showing me, I have had such a peace and a confidence in what the Lord is going to do in Jacob.

            Keep your heart close to the Lord.  Read the word and pray daily so that you are in tune with God's heart.  As you keep your eyes and ears alert to what messages he wants to share with you about your children, your heart will have peace.  You will have the confidence in knowing that he has a plan and you can trust him.