SUNDAY SERVICE: 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM

Our Mission is for women to know the Lord Jesus Christ. To serve Him in every way, in the body of Christ, the Community and the far places of the world.

The women of Destiny Christian Church reflect the many seasons of a woman’s life – from young women attending college, to women building their careers, single women, stay-at-home moms . . . All reaching for the same goal: To live a life that brings glory to Christ and enjoy the fulfillment that comes from a life marked by His favor. Whether in the workplace, at church or at home, we believe that a woman’s life, surrendered to God, allows her to walk in wholeness, maintain fulfilling relationships, and serve her sphere of influence with anointing. Events exclusively for women are planned throughout the year – for fellowship, teaching and encouragement. Stay tuned! Upcoming events to be listed on our website!
For more information contact Melinda our Women’s Ministry Director at 716-628-1686.

Stay up to date with the Women of Destiny as we gather to learn, share and grow.